Temperance lecture.

 Ornithological show.

 Aged and poor females entertained to a tea by Mr. George Miller in the Temperance Hall. Tea and sugar given to each individual as they left.

 Illuminated exhibition of scenes in connection with the Franco-Prussian war given by Mr. Turner in New Town Hall.

 Band of Hope New Years Party.

 Concert by Established Church Choir.


 Eleven sheep worried by dog.

 Heavy fall of snow.


 Any person who wishes to be vaccinated and cannot afford it may have this done free by applying to Dr. Dick.

 Parish School and Mrs. McGregor's school examined.

 20 lb. pike taken from Loch Leven.

 Good Templars Lodge formed.

 Holiday for marriage of H.R.H. The Princess Louis and the Marquis of Lorne.

 Football match between east and west side of main street. Bonfires.


 Mr. Duckenfield's Theatre Company have been performing in the Town Hall.

 Free Church Sabbath School Soiree.

 Weaving Trade brisk.

 Population - Males 1163

 of Kinross - Females 1314

 total 2477

Concert by Mr. Kennedy Scottish Vocalist.


 Robert Douglas appointed lamp-lighter.

 Potatoes selling at 25/- per ton.

 Visit of Alloa Archaeological Society to Kinross.


1st cricket match of the season between and Dollar and Kinross.

 Two boys aged ten and eleven were fined 6/- each for throwing stones at a passing train.

 Meeting of the Draught Club. - June.


 Manders Menagerie - well attended.

 Sixteen boats on Loch Leven for fishing. Charge for hiring a boat to Castle and Loch 5/-.

 Flower show in New Town Hall.

 July Fair.

 Cheap excursion to Edinburgh on day after July Fair


 Meeting to form a flute band.

 Agricultural Show - weather good.

 Exhibition of swing plough.

 Foot and Mouth Disease broken out on several farms.

Votes on roll - 164.



 Dr. Barrack who spent his earlier years in Kinross left £1000 in his will for the deserving poor of the Parish of Kinross.

 In Kinross there are two public schools - the Parish School and the Free Church School. There is also an Institution wholly for young ladies. In the parish 444 children attend school.

 The recent census shows a decrease of 172 in population.

 There are two spinning mills in Kinross.

 Oat-meal, tea, sugar and dairy produce form the working man's meal. Very little butcher meat eaten.

 Band of Hope excursion to Loch Leven Castle.

 Mr. Robert Gray, Kinross, appointed school master at Auchterarder.

Funds being raised to build and endow an Episcopalian Church. A site has been given by Sir Graham Montgomery in a field to the north of the Town.



 Draught Club match.

 Concert by Mr. Henri Corrie.

 Mr Robert Rough, formerly of Kinross, has obtained the precentorship of a leading Glasgow church.

 1st run of the season of the Fife and Kinross Harriers.

 Death of ex-Provost Robertson of Dunfermline. Mr Robertson was born in Kinross. He received his early education there.

 St. Lukes Fair.



 Many spawning trout in streams.

 Concert by Mr. Kennedy.

 4lb. loaf of bread raised to 7d.

 Brilliant display of Aurora Borealis.

 Concert by Mr. Harry Clifton.



 Skating on Loch Leven.

 County Ball postponed because of the illness of the Prince of Wales.

 Flute band paraded through the streets.



 Young people dressed up and went from house to house on Hogmanay.

 Rivers swarming with spawning trout. Water bailiffs watching streams.

 Annual General Meeting Day at St. Serfs 237.

 Display by elementary singing class.

 Meeting of School Board in the North Public Schoolroom.

 Arrangements made for opening of an evening class.

 Good Templars Soiree.

 Public presentation to Mr. Forbes, merchant.

 Presentations to Mr. Proudfoot by scholars of the South Public School and to Mr. Blackstock by scholars of North Public School.

 Police Force inspected.

 Violent storm.

 New wool spinning mill opened.

 Celebrations for the wedding of the Duke of Edinburgh and Duchess Maria of Russia.

 Football match public buildings illuminated, bonfire and fireworks display.

 Band of Hope Soiree


 Mr. Adam elected M.P. by a majority of 476.



Annual General Meeting of Tradesmen's Library.



 75 cases helped by Dorcas Society.

 Coal reduced to 12/- per ton.

 At a meeting of shopkeepers it was agreed to have a holiday once a month.

 Entertainment by Japanese Troupe.

 Coal boring at Wood of Coldrain - as yet no coal obtained.

 Visit of Mr. Butterworth's Christy Minstrels.

 Meeting of School Board - Mr.Proudfoot reported that it was not worth while continuing with the evening school as members had decreased. Report called for about children under 13 who were not attending school.


Revival meetings.

 Co-operative Society Dividend 1/- in the £.

 Large numbers of hand loom weavers thrown out of work. The dispute arose from the Weavers Union bringing out the hands employed by a firm in Alloa over a wage claim. the employers considered the claim unjust and refused to give out work.

 School Board Meeting. Letter submitted from the School Officer stating that all the children referred to at school.

 It was reported that several children under statutory age were still employed in the mill. Officer instructed to write to parents and employer intimating that the clause in the Act will be put into force unless the children return to school for at least half-time.


 Operating for coal mining. These were abandoned at Coldrain.

 Mass meeting of miners from Fife and Clackmannan.

Soggia's Comet visible in sky.

 Post Office to close at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.


 Horticultural Show.



 Scottish Midland Agricultural Show held in grounds of Kinross House. Display by Mr. Bryson's pupils.

 Mr. Clark, Chief Constable, appointed. Sanitary Inspector under the Public Health Act at salary of £3.

 The pupils attending the Public Schools and the Ladies Seminary held their Sports Day in the ground of Kinross House before breaking up for the Holidays.

 July Fair.



 Agricultural Show.

 Rev. Robert Smith Glasgow has accepted the call by the East United Presbyterian Congregation


 Number of panes of glass broken maliciously at South Public School.

 Mare sold for 130 - highest price ever paid for a mare in the district.


Gastric fever prevalent.

 Performance by Signor Bosco.

 Severe Storm - trees uprooted.

 Presentation of Baptismal font by Mrs. Williamson to Parish Church.



 Co-operative dividend 1/2d in the £.

 Concert by Mrs. Lumsden.



 Curling on the Myre pond.

 Morning and evening service in St. Pauls Episcopal Church on Xmas Day.




Inspection of Police Force.

600 birds on show at the Ornithological Show.

 Maltburn, a granary, near centre of town destroyed by fire.

Part of roof of North Public School stripped by storm - children given holiday.

 County Ball.

 Band of Hope Annual Soiree.



 Series of Evangelistic services.

 Death rate for Kinross Parish for 1874 was 19.3 per 1,000.

 Epidemics during the year of typhoid fever, scarlet fever and diphtheria.

 North Public School and the South Public School examined by Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools. In North Public School 24 pupils were examined in Physical Geography and 16 in Psychology. Good appearance in Latin, and other subjects. Certificate states that the North Public School is one of the very best in the inspection district.



 Captain Hall appointed manager of the Loch Leven fishings.

 Bronze spear head and bronze pot found at Craigton.

 "Shuffle Ceilidh" - Entertainment by Mr. Stephens in Town Hall. Mr. Stephens has travelled about for 40 years.

 Books in Tradesmen's Library number 1233.

 Soiree of Sabbath School of Free Church.

 Bowling Club formed.

 Bread Society formed.



 Government Grant for North Public School is £148.17.6d. After certain deductions this leaves £110-1s. From this sum the teachers and three pupil teachers have to be paid.

 Mr. James Fod graduated M.A.



 Holiday in Honour of the Queen's birthday.

 Excursion party from Stirling.

 Late train (7.20.) to be run from Kinross to Cowdenbeath during summer season for benefit of anglers.



Lecture on emigration to New Zealand in Town Hall.

 Population of country increasing.

 New uniforms for Volunteers, muster of whole force is well on to 100.

 Mr. Bryson's dancing classes resumed. These have been going on for almost 20 years.

 Estate and farm of Vane sold for £4,300.

 Meeting of Kinross-shire Musical Society, Mr. McHardie, Musselburgh selected as conductor.



 Mr. Flockhart has sold a Clydesdale filly for 100 guineas for exportation to Austria.

 Annual excursion to Glasgow Horticultural Show.

 July Fair - wages similar to last year.



Sabbath School Excursion.

 Cricket match between Kinross 2nd. eleven and Blairadam.

 Agriculture Show.

 Prince Pierre Napoleon and suite arrived in Kinross to see the ruins of Loch Leven Castle. He lunched in Bridgend Hotel.

 Inspection of Police.



 Number of cows have Foot and Mouth disease.



Severe storm - houses flooded.

 First practising of Musical Society.

 Number of Voters - 646.

 Entertainment by Christy Minstrels.

 Bakers' excursion to Burntisland.

 Energetic measures are being taken by the Loch Leven Angling Association to prevent the spawning trout ascending the smaller stream.



County Ball.

 St. Lukes Market.

 Mr. P. Duncan pupil of Mr. Proudfoot was successful both in Latin and Greek at the Entrance Examination to Edinburgh University. This can shorten his curriculum by one year.

 Co-operative dividend 1/4d. in the £.

 Town Clerk???? not keeping the correct time.



 Curling on Myre Pond.

 Miss Mary Bayne appointed teacher at Important School - Salary £60.



 ??? Annual rifle schooling competition.

 Gelvan sold for £6,000.

 New Town clock erected and the old one sold to Kinross Woollen Mill and placed in the vacant space altered for a dial.

 Annual Temperance Soiree.



 Handloom weaving trade poor.

 The teachers forming the Kinross branch of E.I.S. entertained Mr. Whittet Brand's School, Milnathort, to dinner in the Kirklands Hotel. Mr. Whittet was trained at Moray House and afterwards at Edinburgh University. He has taught in Brand's School for 30 years and has now accepted an appointment in Broughty Ferry.



 Entertainment by Mrs. Howard Paul.

 No epidemic during the past year.

 1st General Meeting of subscribers towards the fund for buying and restoring Michael Bruce's Cottage.

School Board state that French is to be taught between 9 and 9.30 a.m. and Latin between 4 and 4.40 p.m.



 Surface water to be drained off playground, French and Latin to be divided between Mr. Proudfoot and Mr. Bladalarom.

 School fees to be collected by teachers every fourth Monday after 4


 Spelling Bee in Town Hall, Milnathort - Prizes given.

 The Temperance Hall was secured at the rent of 5/- per week as a temporary premises for the Important School during the alterations on the South Public School.



Seven candidates for the five vacancies on the School Board - two of them working-class candidates. One of those was elected.

 Meeting of Dorcas Society.

 Rates 11d. in the £.

 A large number of sheep dogs belonging to farmers have been poisoned.

 Co-operative dividend 1/4d. in the £.

 School Board fire fees -

 Standard 1 and 2 - 3d.

 Standard 3 - 3 1/2d.

 Standard 4 - 4d.

 Standard 5 and 6 - 5d.

 Half-timers to be charged 1d. per week less 1/2d per week for mathematics and 1d. for one or more languages. No charge for the youngest pupil when there are more than 3 of a family.



 Mr Bryson's dancing classes resumed.

 Visit of Wombwall's Menagerie.

 Free Church Bible Class excursion to Glenfarg.



 Death of James Graham and well-known boatman.

 Pest of caterpillars.



 Roofing and slating of steeple renovated and the vane re-gilted.

 Public examinations of both schools under the supervision of the School Board.

 Death of Mr. Burns Begg. Mr Begg was Parish Schoolmaster for 51 years. For 40 years he was an elder in the Established Church.

 July Fair.

 Milnathort Games.



 Agricultural Show.

 Sabbath School excursion.

 Mr. Charles Ross gained the prize in the Tutuos' class of Mathematics at Edinburgh University.

 Bakers' excursion.



 1214 trout caught on Loch Glo.

 Partial eclipse of moon.

 Resumption of practices of Musical Association by Sir Graham Montgomery.

 Permission given to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland to open up the site of the ancient Priory on St. Serfs.



 Epidemic of measles - Infant School closed.

 Inspection of Police.

 Two men fined £4-5/- each for keeping a dog without a licence.

 Public Meeting to decide a ground for cemetery.

 Dorcas Society meetings resumed.

 New milestones have been set down between Cupar and Kinross.

 Entertainment by Professor du Cann, American Magician.

 Co-operative dividend 1/4d. in the £.

 St. Lukes Fair.

 Concert by Mr. J. Scott Ferrier.



Concert by Mr. Corbett.



 Concert by Kennedy Family.

 4lb. loaf of bread - 6 1/2d.

Potatoes £4 per ton.

 Musical Association Bazaar.

 Severe Storm.




 Skating on Loch Leven.

 Annual Soiree of "St. Serf" Lodge of Juvenile Good Templars.



Visit of Tute's Minstrels - Large audience.

 An unusually large number of Valentines sent through post.

 Death rate highest since recording began.



Partial eclipse of moon.

 Annual supper of the employees of the Kinross-shire Branch of the North British Railways.

 Miss Proudfoot has obtained the highest Bursary awarded (£15). at the Free Church Training College, Edinburgh.

 Several cases of Scarlet Fever.

 All importation of cattle except from the counties of Perth, Fife and Clackmannan to be prohibited.



 Bagatelle and Draughts competition in Kinross Reading Room.



 Price of 4lb. loaf raised to 7 1/2d. - May.



 Fife and Clackmannan miners 'locked out' as they refuse to accept a reduction in wages.

 Gymnastic Games to be held on July 23rd. and boat race on Loch Leven.

 Ancient Order of Foresters established.



 Mrs. Allan Thomanean caught 15 trout on Loch Leven.

 Excursion of Glasgow butchers to Kinross.

 Display by Mr. Bryson's pupils.

 July Fair and Highland Games. - July.



 The honorary degree of L.L.D. has been conferred on the Rev. Alexander Grassart, late minister of the West V.P. Church.

 Lock-out of Fife and Clackmannan miners to continue. Employers to enforce payment of the arrears of rent amounting to thousands of pounds for miners' houses.

 Death of Mr. Bennet printer in this office.

 Sabbath School Excursions.

 Bazaar in aid of Musical Association.



 176 on Voters Roll in Kinross.

 Bakers' excursion to Kirkcaldy.

 Local subscription in aid of the Indian Famine Relief Fund.

 First train crosses the Tay Bridge.



 Wages - Second hands £24 - £26.

 Tapalflins £16 - £18.

 Settlement of miners dispute.

 Mr. John Somerville, a pupil teacher at Brand's School was 2nd out of 27 in Glasgow University and obtained a bursary of £25 a year for 4 years.

 Co-operative dividend 1/6 in the £.



Presentation to Mr. Allan, Kinross Linen Factory on his leaving his present employment.

 General Meeting for the winding up of the Kinross Power Loom Company.


Consternation caused by sight of meteor shooting across the sky.

 Visitors can now walk over Tay Bridge.

 Two stately plane trees in front of the Free Manse in the High Street have been cut down.

 New Year gift - a framed picture to each reader of the Kinross-shire Advertiser. (1/3 + coupon to be sent).




Mr Roxburgh and party had day's shooting on the Ochils and shot a capercailzie.

 First footing to celebrate New Year.

 Railway Employees Supper.

 Annual tea party for the old women of the town.

 Collections at Church doors for coal for the poor.

 Police inspection.

 In Fife and Kinross 121 people are receiving instruction.

 Ploughmen to have New Year's Day as a holiday instead of Hansel Monday.



30 cases of Typhoid Fever - water in one of the town wells




Kinross Prison closed - prisoners to be sent to Alloa.

 Performance by Musical Association.

 Magic Lantern Exhibition.

 Tannery Works at South end of Town for sale.

 Royal Hand-bell Ringers and Glee Singers perform in Town Hall.

 Course of twelve cookery classes to be given in Town Hall.

 Charge - 3d. per lesson for artisan course.

 1/6d.per lesson for high class course.

 Entertainment in Town Hall by a lady vocalist who had two heads, four arms and four feet.

 Mr. Bryson's dancing class resumed.

 Mr. David Hepburn, former pupil teacher in Brand's School obtained 1st Class Honours in chemistry and 2nd Class

 Honours in Anatomy.



Tanning Works premises sold for £650.

 Mr. Mackay, Selkirk and Mr. Stalker, Glasgow, appointed assistants to Mr. proudfoot.



 Epidemic of Scarlet Fever - schools closed.



 July Fair.

 Highland Games held on Fair Day.

 Excursion by rail to Tay Bridge.



 Opening of schools postponed owing to Scarlet Fever epidemic.

 Agricultural Show.

 Eclipse of Moon.

 Miss M. Lowe appointed infant mistress.



 Schools re-opened.

 Severe hurricane - trees up-rooted and telegraph poles down.



Evening Classes resumed.

 Wages similar to last year.

 Mr. Adam addressed his constituents in Kinross.



 Co-operative dividend 1/3d. in the £.

 39th Annual General Meeting of Total Abstinence Society.

 Practices of Musical Association resumed.

 Miss Clark, daughter of Chief Constable has gained a bursary

 at the Established Church Training College, Edinburgh.

 Visit of Allequhanians (Bell Ringers).

 Mr. Peter Duncan A.M. was highest in the list of 1st. year students at the United Presbyterian Hall. Awarded the Robert Smith Bursary of £21.

 A farmer was fined under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act for horning Cattle.



 Workers in Woollen Mill on half-time.

 Concert by the Stephen's Family.

 Auction Sale of drapery goods in Town Hall.

 Skating on Loch Leven.

 Furnace explosion at Iron Foundry.




 Skating on Loch Leven.

 Young man drowned in loch Leven when the ice gave way.

 Kinross County Ball.

 Alpine hares seen on the Lands of Little Seggie.



 Concert by Mr. Hamilton Corbett.

 Salary of precentor of Established Church to be raised from £20 to £25.

 Lecture under the auspices of the Tradesmen's Library on Kinross House.

 Miss Laing has been appointed, out of 30 applicants, Matron of the Girl's Industrial School, Birkenhead.

 Performance by Professor Sinclair, conjurer.



Severe snow storm.

 Magic Lantern Show to pupils of Parish Church Sunday School.



 Concert by the Musical Association.

 Population Kinross 1,960 - an increase of 58 since 1871.



Co-operative dividend 1/10d. in the £.

 Presentation to the Rev. Robert Smith by the Bible Class.

 Mr. Bryson's dancing class resumed.

 Mr. James Rutherford Jun. has been admitted a Notary Public.

 Joiners' excursion to Edinburgh.

 Death of the Right Honourable W.P. Adam. Governor of Madras.



 Visit of Cooks's Circus.

 Ripe cherries in garden at the Muirs.

 Removal of old house in High Street and erection in its stead of an office by Messrs. Burns Begg & Falconer,




 In the House of Commons Mr. J.B. Balfour, the Solicitor General presented a petition from the School Board of the Parish of Kinross, against the Teachers Appeal Bill.

 Public Meeting in connection with the proposed introduction of a water supply into Kinross.

 Wells to be cleaned out and samples of water taken.

 Town Block to be cleaned.

 Improvements carried out in the old Church-yard.

 Board of Supervision insist that water is brought by gravitation after learning results of samples.

 Gymnastic Games.

 Two artesian wells to be sunk.

 July Fair now more of a Gala Day than a business fair. Shows in the vacant ground opposite the Bridgend Hotel as authorities refused to allow them in the High Street as previously.

 Gymnastic Games - now among the foremost in Scotland held in grounds of Kinross House.

 Mr. G. Stephens proprietor of ?????? has died.



 Cricket match between Kinross and Tillicoultry.

 Sunday School trips.

 Agricultural Show.

 Mr. Stalker, teacher at Public School appointed out of 97 applicants to post of headmaster in Tarbet Public School.

 4lb. loaf of bread -????? 7 1/2d.



 Resignation of Sheriff Monro.

 Open air gathering of Band of Hope.

 Several cases of Scarlet Fever.

 Workmen still boring for water for artesian wells.

 Mr. Hugh Ferrier, Portobello Public School appointed senior assistant in North Public School.

 20,000 young Loch Leven trout to be put in Loch Ard.

 Various excursions to Loch Leven Castle.

 Death of Mr. Sands, ironmonger and grocer for 40 years in Kinross.

 A bus to leave Kirklands Hotel for Perth Races.

 Mr. Scott Leie appointed junior assistant in Public School in place of Mr. Chalmers who has resigned.

 Consecration of St. Paul's Church.



Buses must be ranged on the side of the turn-pike to the east of the gate at Kinross Railway Junction with the horses heads eastwards.

 Concert by the Ancient Order of Foresters.

 Prisoners to be sent to Dunfermline since Alloa prison has closed.

 Model of Jerusalem made by Mr. Dumbreck exhibited in Town Hall.

 Concert by Mr. Crawford and Co.??????????? Edinburgh.

 16 cases of Typhoid in town.

 Dorcas Society meetings resumed.

 Co-operative dividend 2/6d. in the £.



Miss Kate Alles has passed the entrance examination into the Training College.

 Severe snow-storm.

 John Beveridge, Alex Lowe and George Lowe elected by poll as Burgh Commissioners.

 Inspection of Police.

 Amateur concert in aid of funds for Reading Room.



A memorial to be presented to the landed proprietors craving for a modification of existing rents. This will be for signature in Town Hall on the 5th and 8th and in Milnathort on the 7th and 14th.

Eclipse of the moon.

Visit of the female Christy's.

 Farewell dinner in honour of Dr. Munro who is leaving Kinross for Rutho.

 Sending of Xmas Cards gaining favour.




A wild cat measuring 3ft. trapped by a rabbit catcher.

 Lecture by Sir G. Montgomery in Town Hall.

 Considerable crowd at the Cross to welcome in the New year. - increase in drunkenness.

 Old women's tea party.

 Severe gale - much damage done.



No offers for Linen Factory - upset price £3,000.

 Public meeting to consider the expediency of a drainage scheme.



Visit of Lumsdens Ballad and Comic Company.

 Farewell d?????+inner to Dr. Matthew. Dr. Oswald, Kinross appointed Certifying Factory Surgeon.

 Army Pensions to be paid by money orders.

 Miss Mary Lowe, Kinross has received an appointment in Colesberg Collegiate School, Cape Colony.



Miss Houston Dalkeith appointed teacher of infants school.

Musical Association Concert.

 Triennial School Board election.

 Ball in New Town Hall, at close of Mr. Hunter's dancing classes.????

 Juvenile Christy Minstrels - members of the North Public School????

 Cricket Club - gave an entertainment in the Town Hall. Presentation

 to Miss Lowe, late of the Infant School who is leaving for South


 Co-operative dividend 1/8d. in the £.

 Mr. Peter Duncan received the degree of B.D. at Edinburgh university. Club formed of amateur violinists - the Tullochgorum Club.



A society has been formed and funds gathered to assert the free right of the Public to fish in the River Leven.

 Miss W. Clark teacher elected female teacher at Colliston.

 At the monthly meeting of the Schools Board, a summary was read of the Inspectors Report. This stated the order was good, but there was a want of life in the general tone and style of answering the standard work, and referred to as again showing off the general result being only fair.

 Charles Elphinstone Adam made a Baronet.

 Visit of Edmond's (late Wombwells) Menagerie.

 Bakers' excursion to Leven.



 Woollen Mill employees excursion to Kirkcaldy.

 Police force inspected.

 Death of Mr. Hugh Laird Procurator - Fiscal for Kinross-shire. Death of Rev. Mr. Mitchell, Free Church.



 Poultry Society formed.

 July Fair and Games.

 At a public meeting it was decided that the present water supply, both in quality and quantity was sufficient for the Town. Well to be cleaned.



 Co-operative dividend 2/- in the £.

 Swimming class held near the Factor's Pier.

 Mr.????????? appointed Procurator - Fiscal for Kinross-shire. Sunday School trips.

 Agricultural Show.

 Horticultural Show.

 4lb. loaf reduced to 6d.



 The re-laying of enlarged gas pipes commenced.

 Reply post-cards on sale at Post Office. These cards bear an impressed half-penny stamp on both portions.

 Sergeant F. Shipman, 79th Cameronian Highlanders on list of wounded at the Battle of Tel-il-Kabir.

 Formation of Football Club.



Lumsden's Entertainment Company gave a performance in Town Hall.

 Football Club to be known as the Loch Leven Rangers' Colours - blue

 and white jerseys, white knickers and blue hose.

 Bread reduced from 6d. to 5d.



Bread raised to 5 1/2d. -?????? no biscuit is to be given.

 Election of Burgh Commissioners.



Concert by Sutherland Family.

 Curling contests.

 The Fransit??????? of Venus. Skating on Loch Leven.

 Mr. Scott has on display a Christmas Cake weighing 500 lbs. It is in the shape of a Cathedral and contains a number of coins. It will be cut up and sold on Christmas Day. Many Christmas Cards delivered.

 Poultry Society's first exhibition.




Visit of Corbett vocalist.

 Amateur Juvenile Christy Minstrel Entertainment.



Resignation of Miss Houston, Mistress of Infant School.

 Ashes for collecting by scavenger to be out at 7 a.m. in Summer and 8 a.m. in Winter.

 Foresters' Ball in Town Hall.

 Mr Ferris and Mr. Scott, North Public resigning to take up another appointment.



Price of bread raised from 5 1/2d. to 6d.

 Schools examined.

 Visit of Walter Bentley -gave a performance of Hamlet in the Town Hall.

 Dancing Assembly in Town Hall.

 Fox Hunting to be discontinued in Kinross-shire for as long as there is Foot and Mouth in Fife-shire.

 Musical Association Juvenile Concert.



Mr. Ross read his report to the School Board and stated that he had instructed two or three children from the same family to remain away for another week as there had been a case of Scarlet Fever in the family.

 Fourpenny pieces to be withdrawn.

 Confirmation Service in St. Pauls.

 Musical Association concert.

 Potato planter exhibition at Hatchbank Farm.



Co-operative dividend 1/6d. in the £#.

 Kinross-shire quite famous for its cattle sales.

 Plans passed for new Church Yard.

 Mr Bryson's dancing classes were resumed.

 Plans to build a new church for the West United Presbyterians.



 Annual excursion of employed of Woollen Mill.

 The proportion of insane people in Kinross-shire is larger than in any other county in Scotland.



 Visit of Sanger's Circus.

 Public excursion to Edinburgh on day following July Fair.

 Public examination and distribution of prizes at close of school session.

 Meeting of plough-men - It was agreed that it would be a benefit to have wages paid monthly.

 Drainage scheme to be carried out in Northern end of town.

 July Fair and Gymnastic Games.



Agriculture Show and Horticultural Society Show held on same day.

 Parcel Post in operation.

 Sunday School excursions.

 First Practice of football club.

 Inspection of Burgh by the Commissioners of Police.

 Mr. Andrew Carnegie in a "Four-in-hand" paid us a visit.He stayed overnight at the Green Hotel.

 Committee meeting to examine the boundaries and report what extensions they consider necessary.



 Drainage operations making good progress.

 A dozen Kinross students attend Edinburgh University.

 Horticultural Society Show.

 When the operations were being carried out in connection with the building of an addition to the Session House of the Free Church it was found that the bottle containing coins, etc., which was known to lie under the foundation stone had been removed. Another bottle is to be deposited.

 Mr. Muirhead, Hatchbank sold two one-year old colts to America for £400.

 Hatchery to be erected in a field to the west of the Myre.

 Sir Charles Adam has consented to act as President of the Musical Association.

 Water to be brought by gravitation from the springs at Nivingstone Craigs.



At a special meeting of the School Board it was agreed to alter the school hours of the North School in winter. A plan for religious instruction was submitted by the Rev. Mr. Ruthven.

 Dorcas Society meetings resumed.

 Concert by Sutherland Family.

 Mr. Robert Gordon, son of the Sheriff-Officer, is to practice law in Kinross.

 Y.M.C.A. formed.



Lumsden's Concert Company perform in Town Hall.

 Co-operative dividend 1/9d. in the £.

 Meeting of local branch of E.I.S.

 Visit of Hawitt Dramatic Company.

 Price of coal - 7/- per ton.

 Foundation stones of Memorial and new U.P. Church laid on same day.



Volunteer Ball in Town Hall.

 New hatchery practically fully stocked.




New Year celebrated very quietly.

 For the first time anniversary of Burn's birth is to be celebrated by a concert.

 Visit of the Lord Advocate - He addressed a meeting of electors in the Town Hall.

 Police Force Inspection.

 Parish Church Sunday School Party.

 ?????? 15 foot Xmas tree hung with presents. County Ball.



Horticultural Society supper in Bridgend Hotel.

 Concert by Loch Leven Rangers Football Club.

 Singing competition in Town Hall for children attending the Parish Church Sunday School.

 Operations in connection with new water works begun.

 Presentation to Miss Lowe, pupil teacher in the North Public School, on occasion of her leaving to take up another post.



 New wool store to be built at factory.

 Concert by Musical Association.



 Performance of the opera Patience by the D'oyly Carte Company in the Town Hall.

 Football Club Assembly in the Town Hall.

 Tennis season commenced.



Annual examination in drawing at North Public School.

 ??????Sites for well fixed - 25 to be dispersed throughout the burgh.

 Meeting of cricket club.

 Unveiling of Gaurney Bridge Memorial.

 Sale of paintings by well known artists in Town Hall.



 Kinross Meal Mill destroyed by fire.

 A reliable and accurate geography of Kinross has been published by Mrs. A. Westwood and son, Cupar.

 Volunteer Camp at Crook of Devon.

 Salary of Head Master of Northern Public School £192 4s. 7 1/2d. Frozen lamb for sale in butchers shop.



 Measles Epidemic.

 Co-operative dividend 3/- in the £.

 Fair and Gymnastic Games.

 No general excursion on day after fair.

 Many excursions to Kinross.



Opening of Kinross Water Work. This was performed by Mrs. Bogie who turned them on at Dawnhill. A public luncheon followed in the Town Hall.

 Agricultural show followed by a dinner in Green Hotel.

 Horticultural Show.

 Sunday School Picnics.

 Severe thunder storm.

 Confirmation Service conducted by the Bishop of St. Andrews in St. Pauls Episcopal Church.

 Horticultural Show.



 First football game of season.

 Schools re-open.

 Treat of Samuelson and Co's new patient low level string sheaf-binding reaper at Turfhills.

 Re-opening of East V.P. church which has been closed for repairs.

 Excursions to Castle now that the fishing season is closed.

 Public meeting to arrange demonstration in favour of Franchise Bill.

 Flute Band.

 Opening services in New West V.P. Church.